About Us

Brave Cloud was created to help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their full potential using digital tools. Our team is based in San Antonio Texas and its made up of several success driven entrepreneurs that bring their expertise together to provide businesses with new innovative solutions to keep growing.

Who We Are

Founded in January 2020 Brave Cloud is a Startup advisory and Digital Marketing Agency whose mission is to help entrepreneurs start a business digitally or grow their current business to another level by increasing traffic and the amount of leads needed. Brave Cloud’s mission was first to acquire an existing company with the same desires. Through The Geekdom network, Brave Cloud most recently acquired Entrepreneur Expansions, a company that has been doing web development and SEO management for big brands for 5+ years. The purpose of this acquisition was to add a team of expert developers ready to build magnificent websites that actually drive traffic for our customers. Combining Brave Cloud strengths which are Lead Generation using Social Media and content production, with the experts at Entrepreneur Expansions, our strategy focuses on SEO and Web Development have created a wholesome digital agency ready to tackle the work of expansion and digitalization for our customers.

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"Originality comes from expressing your pure thoughts into content your audience can identify with and appreciate because it comes from you"- Alejandro Ospina